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Authors & Publishing Terms & Conditions

This policy applies to TechInvest, its editorial employees and independent authors and contributors to the TechInvest website, associated social media accounts and web assets.

Editorial employees mean full-time, part-time, fixed-term and casual employees and also contractors, contributors, consultants, freelance photographers, interns and volunteers.

Where the policy states an ‘authorised nominee’ can approve certain decisions, that person must be officially authorised by the relevant executive/s on whose behalf they are acting.

Terms & Conditions for Authors & Publishing

  1. Accuracy in Reporting

    Ensuring accuracy and fairness in all content is a priority. While editorializing and taking stances on various issues are permissible, the primary goal remains factual accuracy. Comments, opinions, and conjecture are acceptable to offer perspective or clarify the publication's standpoint, but there's a strict prohibition against knowingly publishing false or misleading information. Correcting significant inaccuracies promptly is crucial, and TechInvest supports self-regulation and compliance with the Press Council.

  2. Handling Mistakes

    Promptly correcting significant inaccuracies or misleading information is a fundamental obligation. The policy backs self-regulation within the publishing industry, advocating adherence to the Press Council's regulations and agreements. Compliance involves promptly rectifying any issues following legal advice.

  3. Ethical Conduct

    Upholding ethical standards is essential. This involves representing TechInvest under real names, avoiding deceptive practices to acquire information, and requiring high-level approval for covert activities. Covert operations are permitted only if justified by public interest grounds. Transparency in disclosing reasons for operating covertly, especially when publishing, is encouraged.

  4. Covert Operations

    The authorization for covert activities is contingent on justifiable public interest reasons. Transparency is essential; any covert operation's nature and reasoning should, where appropriate, be disclosed to readers.

  5. Confidential Sources

    Maintaining confidentiality pledged to sources is a paramount obligation. While honoring confidentiality is imperative, employees should understand the potential legal consequences if this confidentiality is challenged or legally questioned.

  6. Payment for Information

    The policy prohibits payment for interviews or information without high-level approval. The same stringent approach applies to payments offered to certain individuals, such as criminals, and necessitates authorization before proceeding.

  7. Use of Private Investigators

    The use of private investigators requires prior approval and adherence to strict guidelines on professional conduct and legal regulations.

  8. Conflict of Interest

    Proactively reporting potential conflicts of interest is expected. Written approval is necessary for any work intended for rival media outlets to avoid potential conflicts.

  9. Financial Reporting

    Employees must refrain from personal gain derived from insider financial information and disclose any personal financial interests that relate to reported content to maintain transparency.

  10. Travel Policies

    The acceptance of travel offers is subject to high-level approval. International travel mandates specific approvals and comprehensive risk assessment to ensure safety and compliance.

  11. Gifts and Personal Gain

    Strict guidelines govern the acceptance of gifts or hospitality, emphasizing the rejection of bribes and timely reporting of any attempts or requests.

  12. Confidential Information

    Non-disclosure of sensitive company information applies even after employment ends. Adherence to insider trading and confidentiality policies is mandatory.

  13. Interviews and Litigation

    Cooperation with authorities requires proper authorization to ensure alignment with TechInvest's standards and policies.

  14. Privacy and Sensitivity

    Respect for individuals' privacy rights and exercising sensitivity, particularly in sensitive or tragic events, is a cornerstone of ethical conduct.

  15. Harassment

    Employees must avoid engaging in any behavior that might be perceived as harassing or intimidating while seeking information or engaging with individuals.

  16. Guidelines on Reporting Specific Topics

    Comprehensive guidelines and policies exist for reporting on sensitive topics such as suicide, illegal drugs, weapons, etc., outlining the necessary ethical considerations and obligations.

  17. Photographic Policies

    Strict guidelines exist regarding image manipulation and alteration, ensuring transparency and accuracy in the presentation of visual content.

  18. General Conduct

    Upholding TechInvest's reputation and adhering to conduct policies is crucial for fostering a professional work environment.

  19. Policy Violations

    Breaches of policy will be investigated and addressed accordingly to maintain adherence to ethical and professional standards.